“Who is this chick?”

Hi, I’m Sara—freelance copywriter and founder of Between The Lines Copywriting.

And, honestly, I could (should?) write a clever little sentence about myself and what I do and why I’m fun and cool and different…

But I’m gonna go against my better judgment in the name of honesty, and tell you that my About page on my website is way cooler than whatever this little bio would’ve been, so I’m hoping you’ll take my word for it and go learn more about me there.

(The page is interactive. I’m proud of it.)

(It’s also my literal job to write websites, so, I kinda have to be proud of it, or that would be awkward and probably bad for business.)

“Why should I care?”

You shouldn’t. I’m only here for the backlink.

Just kidding.

(Ha, ha, niche SEO humor. Shut up Sara your “look at me I’m a cute little nerd” shtick is getting a bit cringe.)

You should care because—if I’m right about you—you’re in need of one more brief newsletter-slash-article moment to read on the train or the toilet or in the line at Starbucks or between social media scrolls.

And you either care about marketing or feeling like you’re the main character of your story. Or both.

So, because I’m teetering on the verge of funny (not “hahahaha” funny, more like “heh. I get it.” funny) and helpful (I hope?), my content is the perfect thing to read if you, like me, can’t fathom engaging in something that isn’t both entertaining and educational, for fear of ever having a single moment that isn’t productive.

(Yeah. Capricorn. Sun and moon. I know. And Virgo’s my rising, in case you care.)

(Also surprisingly-undiagnosed crippling perfectionism and later-in-life-diagnosed ADHD.)

“Okay, you’ve convinced me, and now I want more.”

Did someone pay you to say that?

Just kidding again.

Here’s where you can find the ‘more’ you’re looking for:

My website! Using an exclamation point so you can tell, without a doubt, that I’m excited for you to see it!

My weekly newsletter - the prettier, longer version of the one that lives on this page. (She’s called Tuesday Table of Contents, and she’s my baby. You’ll love her, I swear.)

My TikTok (low-key embarrassed to send you over there, but it’s fine)

My Instagram that I forget to post on even though posting on it would likely mean more people hiring me and buying my template and taking my course

My Twitter that I neglect for months on end because my ideal client doesn’t hang out there and the other marketer-tweeters intimidate me a little bit (and I’m not easily intimidated, so that’s sayin’ sumthin’)

Mentorship for copywriters

Copywriting services

Email marketing course

Ok that’s it love you bye

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Sara Noel

Copywriter by day. (And also Copywriter by night, due to lack of productive hours during the day.) Other titles include: Mom, Website Queen, Mediocre Micro TikTok Creator.